Basket Use & Care

Moses baskets are not intended for use as a carry cot. You should never carry your baby in a Moses basket, always move your basket and baby separately.

Always follow the NHS and Lullaby Trust guidelines for safe sleeping.

Ensure your basket is always sat on a flat, secure surface.

Ensure it is not possible for any items to fall onto your baby or into the Moses basket when in use

If your basket requires cleaning, simply wipe gently with a damp cloth.

Reshaping Your Basket

Has your basket gone a bit squewiff?

Due to shipping or storage your basket may not have curves in all the right places, but don't worry! You can have it back to normal in a jiffy, just follow these few simple steps:
  • Dampen the basket where it requires reshaping. You could do this with the shower, garden hose, or submerge in a bath. But be careful not to wet the leather handles.
  • Allow the water to penetrate the basket for around 10-15 seconds.
  • Remove the basket and reshape with your hands.
  • Leave the basket to dry in the sun or in a warm place.
  • Voila! Your basket should be back in shape!